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In your mind you thought of it: Someplace to store or keep the battery out of the way, a mount that both swivels and tilts for optimal viewing position, a transducer that is articulated in the right way, something easy to set up and tough. How about something that is compact to boot-- minimizing impact on valuable space while allowing for better transport, and finally a battery spec that will allow long usage time between charges. Oh yeah and a rechargeable power source-- that too. Well this is all of that!

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The Ultimate Fish Finder Mounting Systems


Float Tube Fanatics

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A few things to note:

-we generally ship within 1 week from when we take your order, but often we are able to ship next day.

-shipping is done through Canada Post or UPS; which generally takes in between 5-10 business days to customers in N.A. - depending where you are.

-we are willing to ship our systems to anywhere in the world, but if you are not a Canadian or American customer, shipping will cost you more and you can email us for pricing.

-we take great pride in our products and so we also take a great interest in our customers and what their experiences are with our systems. We like to hear our customer's comments and feedback, improvement ideas; and a photo or two of your set-up of your fish finder, on your watercraft, on our mount is always coveted and most welcome :)

Float Tube Fanatics was started by a couple of friendly float tube fishermen from Vancouver BC Canada that saw the need for a convenient and ultimate solution, when it came to mounting a commercially available fish finder to our float tubes. We looked around for a solution in the marketplace but found only partial solutions; and in those cases we found we still had to figure out where to put the battery, and how should we mount the transducer. In the end it turned into what you see on our site today. We've been loving the convenience that these mounts have brought to our fishing experience -- and we are hearing the same feedback from our customers.


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Dave Scadden Tube Mount